Durand et al v. the Attorney General of Quebec

Evelyn and Myles Mahon began experiencing debilitating headaches, tingling in their bodies, insomnia, and ringing in their ears soon after Hydro Quebec built and turned on a transformer station near their home.

They discovered that the electromagnetic field (EMF) emanating from the station combined with the many other EMFs they and all of us are exposed to daily made them sick.

At roughly the same time in another part of Quebec, Marcel Durand realized that his long-term insomnia also stemmed from EMF. He wondered whether it also contributed to his leukemia.

Then they discovered they weren’t alone.

Their court case aimed to make emitters responsible for protecting people, animals and plants from cumulative electromagnetic fields (EMF) created exponentially as technology advances.

Lawyer Charles O’Brien says the court case was designed to make companies and governments responsible to track cumulative EMFs, make them safe when possible, and stop emitting them or warn people when they are both necessary and unsafe. Unfortunately Justice Gary D. Morrison refused to authorize the class action. Here’s a copy of his judgement.

We had to raise at least $125,000 more to pay legal fees to appeal his decision, but we couldn’t do it. We lost the case.