Halt 5G Deployment

“Halt 5G deployment,” says Devra Lee Davis in an October 19 article for Thrive Global, an online magazine entitled Washington DC is Ground Zero for the Race to 5G but is the American Public Fully Informed?

Davis, who co-won the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore in 2007 because of the work as a lead author from the team of scientists appointed to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, also serves as founder and president of Environmental Health Trust.

In her article, she details the firing of PC Magazine reporter  J.C. Dvorak after writing a story called “the Problem with 5G.”

She also writes:

Although the science on wireless radiation has become far more clear linking exposures to cancer, memory problems and damage to the nervous and reproductive systems, policymakers feign little interest. Levels that will be commonly be found in the environment near cell antennas can disrupt insect and bird orientation and compromise basic processes of beehives, trees, and plants. If it’s not good for the birds and bees then why assume it’s OK for us?

Federal cell tower radiation limits are 22 years old and exempthese so-called “small” cell installations from environmental reviews despite the fact that 5G will exponentially increase radiation levels and exceed several country’s allowable radiation limits.



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